Institute of Physics - Sri Lanka

Volume 35, 2019

Proceedings of the 35th Technical Sessions, March 2019, Faculty Boardroom, University of Kelaniya, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka

Session I (0830-1010 hrs) – Session Chairman: Professor SRD Kalingamudali   

  1. Effect of Fe3+ Ion on the Performance of a Bio-Cell Made of Banana PithElectrolyte and Ferrous Anode
  2. N. Nupearachchi, G. C. Wickramasinghe and V. P. S. Perera

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 1-8

  1. Electron Lifetime in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Made of SnO2Photoanodes Coated with Thin Layer of Silica

N.F.Ajward, J.C.N. Rajendra and V.P.S. Perera

Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 9-16

  1. Optimization of Adsorption of Carissa carandas Dye on TiO2 Photoanodes for Efficient Sensitization of DSSCs

       G.C Wickramasinghe, D. Balasundaram, U.G.M.D Rajasekara, G.M.P.L Aponsu

       and V.P.S. Perera

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 17-23

  1. Comparison of composites of Reduced Graphene oxide / Ferric oxide with Reduced Graphene oxide / Ferric oxide / Graphite as Anode Materials of Na-ion rechargeable batteries
  2. K.W Perera, R.C.L. De Silva, H.C.D.P.Colombage, I.R.M. Kottegoda and L.D.C Nayanajith

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 24-30

  1. Electronic and structural properties of Cu2O polycrystalline thin films grown on adhesive copper tape
  2. M. H. H.  Jayarathne, P K D D P Pitigala and V. P. S. Perera

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 31-38

Session II (1030-1230 hrs) – Session Chairman: Professor KD Jayasuriya

  1. 06. Syntheses and growth ofp-Copper(I) Bromide polycrystalline thin films: Electronic, structural and stability properties
  2. M. D. P. M .Malwathumulla, P. K. D. D. P. Pitigala and W. W. P. de Silva

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 39-46

  1. 07. Growth of CZTS thin films by a single stepelectrodepostiontechnique for PV applications
  2. T. R. S. Fernando, K. M. D. C. Jayathilaka, R. P. Wijesundera and W. Siripala

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 47-55

  1. Preparation and Characterization of Reduced Graphene Oxide/Nickel Oxide and Reduced Graphene Oxide/Nickel Oxide /Tin Oxide Nano Composites for Super capacitors

       D.U.Abesekera, D.D.N.B.Daya, R.C.L.De Silva and I.R.M.Kottegoda

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 56-64

  1. Low cost, environmental friendly rechargeable cell with Zn and natural graphite electrodes
  2. W. Prasadini, K. S. Perera and K. P. Vidanapathirana

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 65-72

  1. Determination of exhaust sound pressure levels emitted by road vehicles in Sri Lanka

       C.L. Perera, C.P. Abeyratne, and C.M. Kalansuriya

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 73-80

  1. The study of evanescent enhancement of solid core photonic crystal fiber with wavelength.
  2.  Rahubadde and L. Xia

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 81-88

Session III (1320-1500 hrs) – Session Chairman: Professor H.H Sumathipala               

12.Cognizing of the Commercial Viability of Manufacturing Urea Utilizing Offshore Natural Gas Deposits of Mannar Basin, Sri Lanka

  1. A. C. P.1. Karunasinghe, S.S.N. Gamage and D. T. P. K.Withanage

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 89-97

  1. 13.Radon monitoring with RAD7 instrument to find out radonconcentration variation in soil and gas

       G.A.S.N. Perera, S.R.D. Rosa, P.D. Mahakumara and R.A.N.C. Ranasinghe

       Proceedings of the Technical Sessions, 35 (2019) 98-106

  1. Presidential address-2019

       Experiments on Solar Neutrinos: Past, Present and Future

       Professor  P.A. Aloy Perera

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