National Database on Physics Research

The Institute of Physics Sri Lanka now maintains a database on publications carried out by Sri Lankans residing in Sri Lanka and abstracts of postgraduate degrees awarded by Sri Lankan Universities and Institutions related to Physics. The Institute hopes that this will become the primary source to obtain information related to Physics research in Sri Lanka and to contact potential researchers/supervisors.

The physics research database is created for the purpose of promoting research activities carried out by local Physicists. Physicists, postgraduate students or their supervisors could submit information regarding their work to be included in this database.

Contributions to the database are accepted under two categories.

Postgraduate thesis: Details of locally completed postgraduate research degrees.

Browse Postgraduate Thesis Database

Research Publications: Details of research publications carried out by local Physicists (will be activated soon).

Solar Energy Research

Atmospheric Physics

Lightning Physics

Computational Physics

Instrumentation Physics

Applied Physics

Note: In order to submit contributions to the research publication database, the following details should be submitted to

Journal Publications: names of authors, paper title, journal, volume/issue, year, pages

Conference Presentations: (full papers only) names of authors, paper title, conference, place, year, pages

Make sure to indicate the author who should be contacted regarding the research by underlining his/her name. When submitteding, you may categorized your publications according to the categories given in the left hand side.

Contact authors: Click here to access author database (will be activated soon).