National Competition on Computer Simulation of Physics Concepts

National Competition on Computer Simulation of Physics Concepts (English) (Sinhala) (Tamil)
Application form (pdf)

This competition is organized by the Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka (IPSL), Ministry of Education and National institute of Education.

The objective of the competition is to strengthen the conceptual understanding of Physics and to encourage the students to incorporate IT skills for learning process. The goal of the competition is to develop the simulations that can be used as resource material for Physics education.

Secondary level school children (both state and private) are eligible for the competition.

The text of simulation may be prepared in Sinhala, Tamil or in English. However, bi-lingual and tri-lingual applications are encouraged.

Three (3) best competition submissions shall receive prizes and certificates set out as below. Next 10 submissions are awarded only certificates.
First Prize – Cash Award of Rs 25,000 and a plaque
Second Prize – Cash Award of Rs 15,000 and a plaque
Third Prize – Cash Award of Rs 10,000 and a plaque

A contestant may be a single or a group (not more than 3) of eligible students. A contestant can submit up to maximum of three (3) simulations.
Contestants are free to use any popular software (Java, Flash, Director etc.) to develop the simulation. The simulation should be able to play without
installing any specific programme in a computer and should be web enabled. Simulation embed in a web page must be copied to a CD with all
required plug-inns (if necessary) and fonts. Each simulation must be accompanied with a detailed text document explaining equations and theories used.

Calling for applications for the competition – 1 March 2013
Submission of competition Application Forms – 30 April 2013
Submission of simulations – 15 July 2013
Short listing of submissions – (two weeks) July 2013
Adjudication of originality – (two weeks) July 2013
Adjudication of Winners – (two weeks) July 2013
Prize Awarding – August 2013

Winning entries will be selected by panels of judges appointed by the IPSL. All submitted entries are evaluated by two panels of judges appointed by
the IPSL. The first panel comprising Physicists will evaluate all entries based on accuracy, interactivity and designed and will select best 15
entries. Contestants of the above selected entries are informed to present their simulations to the second panel comprising both Physicists and
Computer professionals. This panel will examine the originality and the IT competency of contestants to develop the submitted simulations. The
first panel will select the winners based on the recommendations of second panel.

Contestants are entitled to the copyrights of their submitted works. The organizer of the competition (IPSL) has the right to reproduce the
finalists’ simulations and distribute free of charge as teaching materials.

Contestants must obey the Organizer’s arrangements. IPSL has the right to recall the eligibility of the award at any stage if it reveals plagiarism of
others’ works. The decisions of the Panels of Judges will be final, and no appeals will be entertained. IPSL has the ultimate authority to
interpret the Rules and Regulations and has the right to make any changes to them as necessary.