Olympiad Committee

The Institute of Physics Sri Lanka (IPSL) has appointed a committee for managing the activities related to Sri Lankan Physics Olympiad, National Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad, Sri Lankan Junior Olympaid as well as international olympiad events. This committee comprises of the following members.

Prof. S. R. D. Rosa, National Coordinator - Physics Olympiad

University of Colombo

Prof. K.P.S.C. Jayaratne, National Coordinator - Astronomy and Astrophysics Olympiad

University of Colombo

Dr. R. V. Coorey, Examination Coordinator-University of Colombo

University of Colombo

Prof. K. Premaratne, Examination Coordinator-University of Peradeniya

University of Peradeniya

Prof. W. G. D. Dharmaratna, Examination Coordinator-University of Ruhuna

University of Ruhuna

Prof. S.R.D. Kalingamudali, Examination Coordinator-University of Kelaniya

University of Kelaniya

Dr. N. Pathmanathan, Examination Coordinator- Eastern University

Eastern University of Sri Lanka

Dr. N. Sivayogan, Examination Coordinator- University of Jaffna

University of Jaffna