Best Undergraduate Physics Research Project Award – 2021

In recognition of the growing significance of science and technology, and with the aim of strengthening the research skills of undergraduates in the field of physics education, an annual competition for Best Undergraduate Physics Research Project Award is organized for university undergraduates in Sri Lanka, by the Institute of Physics, Sri Lanka (IPSL). IPSL recognizes and honors undergraduates, who have exhibited a distinguished competence in experimental and analytical skills relevant to the research in the field of Physics. The Award will consist of a medal, a monetary award, and a certificate citing the achievement.

Graduates from Sri Lankan Universities who have obtained the degree within the period of 01 March 2019 to 15 March 2021 (effective date) are eligible to apply for the 2021award.

Application Form

Application Procedure


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The Sri Lankan Junior Science Olympiad Competition – 2021

SRI LAKAN JUNIOR SCIENCE OLYMPIAD – 2020 has been Cancelled due to Corona Covid-19 outbreak! Those who have registered for this competition will be given the opportunity to appear for 2021 competition using the same Admission. If you are not eligible for 2021 (born in 2005), your registration fee will be refunded. Contact Prof. H.H. Sumathipala via 0781487622

The objective of SLJSO is to promote interest in science among school students, exposing them to problem-solving, critical thinking and experimentation and to select best students to represent the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) annually. The Institute of Physics Sri Lanka has made arrangements to hold the national competition (SLJSO) annually. The SLJSO is open for science students who are sixteen years or younger on 31st December of the competition year. The competition shall be conducted in Sinhala/English/Tamil media on a date decided by IPSL.

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Call for Papers – Technical Sessions – 2021

The 37th Technical Sessions of the IPSL in conjunction with the 41st AGM of the IPSL will be held on Saturday, 20th March 2021. The purpose of these sessions is to enable members of the IPSL to present work done by them in the form of a research paper. Members who wish to read their papers are kindly requested to inform the Jt. Secretary Dr. P. K. D. D. P. Pitigala by sending the full paper by December 31, 2020, either by e-mail to or snail mail to, Department of Physics, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Gangodawila, Nugegoda.

(IPSL membership application form can be found at the web site’s Membership section)

Call for papers – Technical Sessions

Declaration – Technical Sessions

Guidelines for Technical papers

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